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Documented changing lower speaker in Xperia X F5121

Dez 222017

Well, I set up the whole blog for this. And maybe for other stuff. 

Sometimes I want to share something, but can't go into details on the specific discussion boards. Hm. Low quality, but free. 


Something overstressed my Xperia X F5121 speaker (the "right" one). I'm not sure if it's Sailfish's aggressive loudness or just an error. People told me to use the warranty, but I dont like to wipe my device, move the data, ship it, wait for it, get it back, find a new damage (have you ever get back a repaired item without any issues?) and move all my data back. So, I took the risk of doing it myself. I once replaced a speaker of my Jolla 1 and that was easy, too. So...


You can find the report here.


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